Irish Polling Indicator, update January 2020

This update adds the poll published by Ipsos MRBI in the Irish Times on 20 January. This poll put Fianna Fáil in pole position (25 per cent), but the difference to Fine Gael (on 23 per cent) is much smaller than in the Behaviour & Attitudes poll published at the weekend, which ranked Fianna Fáil at 32 and Fine Gael at 20 per cent. However, the Ipsos MRBI and the B&A polls suggest a strong increase in support for Sinn Féin. The updated Irish Polling Indicator ranks Fianna Fáil at 24-28.5, Fine Gael at 24.5-27.5 and Sinn Féin at 15.5-20 per cent. We will update the aggregated estimates of the Irish Polling Indicator once new polls become available.